In which…

We almost NEVER talk polly-ticks at work. Somebody said something about Lipstick on a Pig back in the SP days but he was co-opting that statement to describe something at work. And, BTW, I believe this sweet man tended to vote for Republicans but wasn’t crazy about John McCain’s choice of running mate. Yes, that was a while ago. I think the next thing he came up with that described something we were talking about at a meeting was “poop floats”.

Today, I kept hearing “Trump” and “stupid” and “moron” and I fergit what else. Okay, I think I heard “centrist” a few times. As in, “I am a centrist.” I wasn’t at the research team meeting today so I am not sure what went down in there. What happens in the research team meeting stays in the research team meeting. So I didn’t ask about whatever Trumpian crap was being discussed.

I know that most of the White Males that I work with felt the same way that I did when we walked in after Trump (incredibly, in my opinion) won the last election. I woke up that day wanting to post a black rectangle on social media somewhere. I did not and I did not have to. A facebook/high school buddy (white male) had already posted one for me. I got up and went to work, where a couple of my favorite white men were feeling as low as I was about the presidential election.

I like the rather disheveled pic of Hillary Clinton that the GG attached to the refrigerator. We’ll talk about that some other day (maybe). There were days that I did not like Hillary way back when but I did vote for her. The short story is that the republican party moved waaaaay right from me and my parents.

P.S. To the Hilary bashers out there, I am *over* the fact that Hilary lost. Just that (again) I would prefer Micky Mouse in the White House to what we currently have there.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Exactly. They moved not just farther right, but wackier farther right. I could not justify voting for any of them who support the policies of the modern day GOP.