Still there

This is really just a drive-by but I am always happy to know that the moomincabin persists throughout the winter.

The GG left for the north country this morning and he and I were futzing around moving automotive vee-hickles around and then I drove the Ninja to work and didn’t much think about anything. Well, except that one of my work friends caught sight of my HAIR after I had removed my hats (yes, two hats) and pulled out my ponytail holder. My hair was sticking out every which way (Kaitlyn, I need you!) and what a mess. I kinda wondered if I had been called a drowned rat, which was about what I looked like.

I get email notifications when my credit card is used for gas (not sure why the heck I set that up but it can be handy) and so the GG got gas at Fenton and then at Brimley. Brimley? I knew he was going north but I wasn’t sure that he’d get all the way up to the Moomincabin. He did. It is still there. Our neighbors are vigilant (that is a good thing) in that they (Jeep and Pan) noticed someone had “droven in” at the Moomincabin. I appreciate that so much.

I walked over to Knights for porterization tonight. I’m not sure how cold it is. It’s probably a bit above zero but wheatever whatever (wheatever? spelling mavens, where are you? 🐽). I wore pants under my skirt but I did not take them off when I got there. Various people still remember when I took my snowpants off at Knight’s more than a few years ago. I was pretty well suited up for walking tonight but I did wear *sandals*, that is, Keen sandals with smartwool socks and tights underneath. I was not cold and the sidewalks were clear enough that I didn’t need YakTrax.

2 Responses to “Still there”

  1. GG Says:

    The cabin was f-f-f-f-r-eeeeeeeeee-zingggg.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Brrrr! I love my Keens hiking shoes and don’t know what I did without them. They are waterproof, much needed in our climate. Glad you are getting out and doing stuff in spite of the Polar Vortex.