It has an insect carcass in it, do NOT wash it!

I have been washing my “glass” collection this weekend. I did not wash the bug carcass out of this wee vase. It’s pretty hard to see through the glass but the wee buggy is entrapped in a gossamer sheet of web and there are a couple other bits and pieces of former life or whatever preserved in this little vase. A while back, around the time that Man Cleaning was happening here at the Landfill, I pulled my collection of mini-glass artifacts off the front window with the idea of cleaning them. My Mouse was here and when she saw the web and carcass, etc., she said, “No no no no”.

So I didn’t. Even I can understand when it’s important to preserve a wee insect carcass.

I did pull all of my BIG glass vases, etc., off the top of the kitchen cabinets today. I washed them unmercifully, making sure all of the insects were cleaned out of them. It was mostly house flies in this case, so not very elegant.

Collections? Similar to my Santa collection, I have two Glass Artifact collections. One collection is small pieces that I keep in the front window and the other is large vases and bottles and bowls and things and such that I keep on top of kitchen cupboards. My collections are small. They both include a few items that I have collected myself (one as recently as January 2017) and others that came from The Commander’s house. I am not an active collector so I am not looking to add to either of these collections. Although… If I ever [again] find an aubergine glass vase or bowl that I LIKE, I will buy it. Why did I not buy the one at Treasure Mart a few years ago? I dunno. It was only $55 but I was on foot but I’m sure I couldda paid and droven back down there to collect it. But I didn’t…

One Response to “It has an insect carcass in it, do NOT wash it!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a very pretty glass piece and the insect carcass is elegantly spread out. 🙂