Mini Man Cleaning and Man ‘splainin’ and brain using

I mean a mini spate of Man Cleaning, not a Plasterer Midget doing some cleaning.

I was going on and on about how well I was cleaning all of my glass vases and things and, as it turns out, I missed a whole heckuva lotta dirt and grease and who knows what else. I guess getting the dead insect carcasses out wasn’t quite enough? Anyway, I call uncle. The Pensioner (and Turnstile) came home yesterday and today TP RE-CLEANED ALL of the glass items that I had cleaned over the weekend and then got up on the counter (eek!) to vacuum and WASH the tops of the cabinets. And THEN, he artistically arranged all of my lovely glassware back on top of the cabinets in a cool kind of color order. It is not exactly rainbow order but I am LOVING IT! I’m not sure if I can get a good pic of this without some futzing around but THANK YOU! The Pensioner is an artist at heart, despite the fact that he earned his living as a gov’t computer scientist. Highly intelligent guy, and one who may not always get credit for that.


I can dooooo without the Man-‘splainin’. PLEASE. I have been procrastinating f-o-r-e-v-e-r about updating my iPhone 6S IOS. I have been procrastinating because I have 13,000 photooooos on my iPhone and I know that backing it up will take FOREVER! And it is, because I am doing it right now… And I don’t even WANT to back up the goddamn photos! So, really, what I want to do is back up EVERYTHING except the photooos. But I couldn’t (at first) figger out how to back up my iPhone at all so I sucked up and asked for help. Me, the IT girl who has been beating up on computers for more years than I am strong enough to count and slodged through ooogly snow to get to work today for our first scrum meeting in our new agile dev meth[odology]. It went about like I expected, which was… not exactly agile… I have hopes that this will work for us though. I’m just a girl. I just wanna have fun. But I can doooo computers and I “get” people too. Really. That’s likely why I have never been [knock on wood] faaaaared from a job. (I mean fired, not laid off. There is a difference.) We’re in a transition period at my work and I will do my best to enable what we are trying to do.

So, my iPhone is getting backed up and I’m not sure how long it’ll take for the actual IOS upgrade to happen once I get that thing started.

In the end, I am wondering about the man-splainin’ given that The Pensioner has often during our history said something like, “Let’s use your brain.” And we do for certain things, but TP is not anywhere near stupid either and sometimes we also need his brain.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m starting to accumulate many photos on my iPhone as well, after saying that I didn’t want to use it instead of a camera. HA.HA. When Patt cleaned, he also did that deep, complete type of cleaning. I can’t stand getting started on projects like that, even now that I’m retired. I don’t mind surface cleaning though. 😉