nct blue

Man, did I make any sense yesterday? Word Salad. Lots of thoughts rolling through my head and not enough time/patience to organize them properly (or AT ALL). Not to mention that old saying about when you have written something (story, essay, blahg entry, thesis, software dev functional specification, whatever), go back and delete half of it. And then, go back and delete half of it again. Yest? Not. Diarrhea of the keyboard. Sorry. Or not 💩

Anyway, whenever I am entranced by pottery at an art fair or wherever, I remember a couple things. 1) I AM NOT COLLECTING ANYTHING! and 2) My daughter makes this stuff so I don’t need to buy it. A couple of my faves are some of her earlier mugs. I like them so much that I managed to chip one irretrievably by swinging around the chitchen, trying to put it into Bertie for a bath. Sigh.

One of her more recent prodjects is this set of handle-less North Country Trail mugs. Note the tree bark color and blue NCT stripe. I can’t get a straight answer about who is the end recipient for these. She has given mugs to some of our NCT buddies but these seem to be hanging around the Landfill so maybe(?) they are for us? There is good old Gitchee Gumee behind them. Our main section of trail runs from the Straits of Mackinac to Lake Superior. And to the left of Gitchee Gumee, there is a woven trivet that MerriCarol made. (She and her son knew The Commander 💜) I love how the Blue in all of these items matches my teal blue subway tile.

So, we are about to head downtown to The Earle for a birthday dinner of porterization. This is Diane’s day and it happens to be the same day as The Commander’s, who would be 97 today if she were still alive. (It is also Richard Nixon’s birthday.).

6 Responses to “nct blue”

  1. isa Says:

    They are for TMOTU to distribute as he sees fit!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Happy Birthday to all the January Niners

  3. Margaret Says:

    Those are beautiful mugs! Hope the evening was loads of fun. I enjoy birthday dinners, as long as they’re not mine or include serenading by waiters and other silliness.

  4. UU Says:

    Great post. Miss your Mom. I was looking at a pic from when Bill and I took her to dinner for I think her 90th.

  5. Pooh Says:

    How did I not know that Liz made pottery? Well, I’ve learned one new thing today, I guess I can go back to bed.
    I really like them. They almost look like they could be measuring cups, with their ranked sizes.

  6. isa Says:

    @Pooh – I’m quite amateur, but yes, I do! For a few years now, but I suppose I don’t really advertise it.