Driveway of Doom

It is 38 degrees right now and various areas of my driveway, mainly the ones I have to navigate to get to the garbage/recycle carts and Frog Hopper are covered with various sheets of ice. Some of this ice is under a little water (because 38 degrees) and in some places it’s hard to tell if there is ice under the water or not. Loverly, loverly. The Pensioner does not want to de-ice the driveway because he doesn’t want it tracked into the Landfill. I am about to overrule that. Shoes/boots off in the “vestibule”. We can wash the vestibule floor easily. (We do de-ice the sidewalk in front of our house so people can walk safely!)

This morning when I was out at 0-skunk-30, the skies were clear and the waning crescent moon was bright in the sky. By the time I set off to work, a loverly fog had set in. That was fine. The roads were good and I got all the way to Ellsworth Road before a wee bit of drizzle began to hit my veeeeendsheeeeld. 29 degrees? This could not be good. Nevertheless, I persisted and the roads remained fine for me. Half an hour later? Angie kinda dragged in saying that the roads were terrible and cars were in the ditches, etc., everywhere and getting across the sidewalk leading into the building was almost impossible.

The roads were fine a couple hours later as the temps rose. We are having a January Thaw. It will last until maybe sometime Friday and then we’re back down into a pretty good freeze again. Snow or not, I dunno.

If I could afford to eat at the Earle every night… The Earle has been around for a long time and I went there maybe once when I was 20-something. I could not afford The Earle in those days. I can afford it now but certainly not more than a few times a year. I had the canard. Y’all know what canard is, roight? It came with mashed potatoes/turnips. I have recently re-discovered turnips. When they are fresh from a local farm, they are soooooo good. Add a little horseradish. Not your mother’s grocery store turnips white/purple rocks.

Our seats were not exactly a booth. We had a four-top table separated from other similar tables by a booth-like enclosure lined with corks. Very cool and probably provides a bit of sound insulation between tables.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I know what canard is, but then I’m a French speaker. 🙂 The conditions sound scary. I hate the ice with a passion!