Monday Phoneday

Also Snowday… But we were oot and aboot ANYWAY. Because Phoneday. I had kind of forgotten that people actually line up in front of the Apple Store BEFORE it opens. We were there at something like 10 minutes before 10 and there were a few people already in line and a genius of some sort was out there with an iPad or something triaging people’s tech needs. When he got to me, I said “new phones” and when he asked how someone might identify me, I said, “um, sparkly black bomber hat.” The GG had gone to the “library” but he would also have been distinctive in Red Plaid (which I will NOT wear on my head although I do wear Red Plaid skirts). Anyway, a Weak Sun shone down through the snow on our messy drive over there.

The dirty deed was done and don’t ask me how much it cost except that my debit card was rejected when we tried to run it as a debit. That’s a good thing. We were pleased with our Apple Store Experience today. Our handlers did not talk down to us as sometimes happens. It’s a bit disconcerting when it DOES happen because the GG has a computer science degree and we BOTH have long careers in the IT industry and I have a senior position at my online banking corporation, plus the GG and I have been buying (and programming) Apple computers and things since 1979 (two WORKING Apple II+s in the Landfill Dungeon). We don’t know it all but we can beat up on computers pretty well. But whatever.

Anyway, we bought new phones and then went home and began the scary process of restoring the backups we had done on our “old” 6s phones to our new x phones. This turned out to be very scary indeed with a frightening message that the restoration couldn’t happen because… either… 1) the backup was corrupted or 2) incompatible with the new phone. We were flummoxed for about 10 minutes and then… Tada… A new message appeared. Our existing 6S phones had been upgraded to a new IOS version. Our new x phones, having been in boxes for a while, had not. So we had to do a looooooong upgrade to a new IOS version on the new phones and then… It took over an hour to restore the backup from the old phone.

We did not eat brek today because we planned on a lunch downtown (it is a holiday, after all and I didn’t have to work). I think we were planning on eating lunch well before 1:45 PM or whatever it was when we finally got downtown. We ate at the Blue Tractor and we spent most of our time there untangling the GG’s email issues (complicated by him changing a setting on MY new phone instead of his b/c they look the same from the front). The Guru can relax because we figgered it all out without having to text him. We are always appreciative of the Guru.

So, back to the Apple store. Why? Because the GG’s iPhone 6s turned out to be eligible for the $30 new battery. Mine was not. But I haven’t been having battery issues. It’s all a long story but they had a battery available for his 6s and they were able to install it today so we slodged BACK through the snow to the Apple store this afternoon and picked up his 6s.

Man oh man, I have been in Briarwood Mall enough times today to last me for all of 2018.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy having lots of storage on my iPhone, after the 8 Gig one. (thought that was a lot, but it was NOT, especially when I started taking photos with it) Tech stuff scares me, but you sound like you have it well handled between the two of you!