You may have heard some rumbling

Say it in a Rrrrrrussian accent. It was not a meteor.

What a faaaaar drill. We don’t often have 9AM meetings at Cubelandia but we were trying to interface with Israeli colleagues and 9AM here is 4PM there so I had to cut Thursday Coffee with MMCB2 short in order to get over there for a 9AM meeting. Except that I did NOT GET THERE ON TIME. Why? Well. 1) Got stuck behind a bus. 2) Got stuck at every blasted stoplight from Barry Bagels to Cubelandia. 3) Traffic jam where there usually isn’t a traffic jam. Black ice accidents would be my first guess but it could also have been school-related traffic.

I got to work five minutes late and the call was already in progress. I gave the LSCHP the heads-up that I was present and went to My Cube to get set up to Skype in. Um, it is an Israeli number. I had NO CLUE how to dial a number in Israel. I couldn’t interrupt the folks (in my office) already on the call but The Google eventually got me on. Because I am [usually] a Ninja!

OMG. So, I could hear the CRD and the LSCHP *in* the office as well as on the phone. Things got a little, uh, contentious at one point. I was kind of amazed that the CRD didn’t, um, explode. But then, the LSCHP DID explode. Everyone in The Neighborhood could hear him, most of whom were not on the call. I took the phone away from my ear and looked over at Nikio (not on the phone) and we both totally cracked up. This was unusual for my team at Cubelandia, where we work hard to maintain a culture where people respect each other, but the call ended on a friendly note, the LSCHP having recovered his usual demeanor. After the call I heard the CRD say he “wanted to cry” (I can’t *imagine* the CRD crying) and later mentioned to someone that they may have heard some “rumbling”. Indeed.

I remained on MUTE throughout the call. I had nothing to add except laughter and that would probably not have been appreciated.

This is not the best photo because the cute little seahorse ducked its head behind some seaweed just before I clicked the button but I do like the colors. I had a small sea shell collection when I was a young child. I believe my great aunt Elizabeth bought it for me on a trip to Fla. It was in a small flat box, kind of like a candy box, and all of the shells were carefully labeled. It was one of my prized possessions for many years and it included a seahorse! My seahorse looked a lot like the little guy in the photo and I was fascinated by it.

If you ever need to call someone in Israel lemme know and I will help you out. Other than that, Love y’all and g’night,

3 Responses to “You may have heard some rumbling”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have called other countries, like Senegal, Ghana and Togo (maybe Mali too), but never Israel. It sounds like an interesting phone call. 🙂

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Well, suddenly it seems like comments are not getting emailed to me so it’s hard to reply to them that way. I have also called overseas (Spain and Senegal) but it has been such a long time that I had no clue. Actually not hard at all 🙂

  3. Carter, Elizabeth Says:

    I’m pretty sure your birthday is around here somewhere, I’m not sure of the day, anyway, happy birthday to you with love from meeeeee. I hope you do get to have your favorite things and all that good stuff. I like your meteor day entry.