Mr. Golden Sun is *inching* northward these days. He rose at 7:59 AM today and didn’t set until something like 5:30 PM. I actually took this pic last Sunday. I was home from a loverly day in Detroit but feeling dead taaaared. Mouse posted something somewhere about taking a wee walk and I FORCED myself up off the Green Couch to take a Sunset Walk in the wee woods behind my house.

We are not finished with winter yet by any means but the days are a bit longer and I can feel that great big old wheel of time inching its way down the slide toward summer again. As much as I look forward to warmer weather, I also want to slow time down and live in the moment a bit more or better or whatever.

The GG is gallivanting around Up North somewhere this weekend and I did not feel like I could take enough time off to go with him. Some of the folks I work with are already taking vacation time (cruise, anyone?) but, at this time of year I am in big-time vacay saving mode. I don’t think a big road trip is in my future this year. We did Florida last year and I love Florida but without our beautiful Suzie down there, I’m not sure I have it in me to go there again just yet. I’m thinking more in terms of long weekends plus the regular summer moominbeach stuff. If that’s boring, I’m not sure I care. The moominbeach is my home and I need to go there and live for a while in the rustic little cabin my parents built.

So, dinner of porterization for me tonight, at Knight’s, a quick walk from the Landfill. That place was SLAMMED tonight! Some kind of kiddo hockey tournament was in town and there was a big family group that took up most of the upstairs and I dunno what else. It was good fun and I tried to sell the porters on lightweight WARM coats and iPhone X phones computers and I dunno what else. We’ll see what they do. Walked there and back and it was pretty okay without YakTrax and so beautiful outside!

3 Responses to “Downside”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a good evening! You’re getting more than 45 minutes of sunlight than we are, but it’s going to turn around. I will love having it a bit light at 5 pm.

  2. Margaret Says:


  3. l4827 Says:

    We still believe in heavy coats for warmth and muscle-building.