Navel gazing

Somewhere around the time the Michigan Meteor hit, my email application started dumping comments on my blahg into the spam folder. I didn’t figger this out exactly until my BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog) experienced the same phenomenon, as in one of my comments on her blahg ended up in spam. I dunno. I welcome comments (except for the odd troll) but I do not get a lot of comments and I don’t really care. My blahg is for me, not y’all (although I love y’all). I know it’s hard for people to keep up with my random musings. The GG cannot do it. Sometimes I can’t even do it.

At any rate, if you do comment and I haven’t responded to your comment, it may be because Apple mail sent it to the spam folder. Or it could be that I just didn’t reply to it because busy or whatever.

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been writing a blahg. I know that I started it when the beach urchins were teenagers and my brother (and parents) were still alive and kicking. Once in a while my brother would do a guest blahg and he liked when I did stream-of-consciousness things. I think I was wittier back in those days.

I “rolled my own” blahg in the beginning, meaning I… Well… What the heck did I do? I wrote my own html (but I still do that) and then I “fetched” it out to my site (I think that was an FTP application). There was no way to do comments, it was a static web page. Eventually I moved it all over to a wordpress platform and for a long time The Guru has been my host. He has nothing to do with the emailed comments going to spam.

It is difficult to figger out what to blahg about every single g-d day. For a long time I followed a bunch of Mommy Blahggers. Women with little kids who wrote about them and shared pics on the internet. They are mostly not around any more. I am guessing it’s because their children are teenagers and, well, you know. I *began* blahgging when my children were teenagers and, um, no, you do not talk about their lives unless it’s a benign milestone (graduating from high school, going to college, etc.) and even then, you either simply mark it as a milestone or blahg about your own experience with it.

Navigating the waters of social media is a bit like navigating my porch, which is icy as all getout again today even though we had 40 degree temperatures. Where do I put my foot? Is there ice under that water or not? What do I put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or my blahg? I dunno. Twitter is mainly a news feed for me but I occasionally put weird stuff there, stuff that I wouldn’t put on facebook. I try to be positive on Facebook. I don’t get why people go on rants on that platform. I am careful about what I post on my blahg but I do occasionally subtweet there. Sad that I feel like I need to do that.

One Response to “Navel gazing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I started blogging when my girls were teenagers too, but neither one of them read the blog, so I was pretty open. Now Ashley does, so I have to be a bit more circumspect. I try to blog a couple times a week because that’s when the words and experiences build up enough and I need to express them. 🙂 I do FB and Instagram but don’t use twitter. Is it fun?