I was right about the shower (or lack thereof 🐽)

It’s okay. It’s happening now and I get to listen to Sunday folk music for the duration.

A text storm took place somewhere around 10 AM. Mouse texted with tentative ideas about coming over here today. (I think she was worried about the Moom Alone issue 💜). Around the same time, the GG texted something like, “Where do you want to go for lunch?”. He was at HL and about to leave.

Mouse ended up staying home today (“I’ve spent my last two days off with you guys”.) And yes, she has. And my choice for a lunch spot today was The Session Room, one of the best places I can think of to go out to lunch on a very foggy Sunday because of all the windows. And wonderful servers at the bar, where we like to sit.

I don’t have much else except that I am now very much into the third Outlander book (Scottish novel series) and I had a hard time putting the book down to go and scramble dinner for tonight. All the while looking out into today’s somewhat Scottish weather. I mean the fog. But this is the Planet Ann Arbor and the fog will likely dissipate when the rain starts, later this evening? We’ll see.

One Response to “I was right about the shower (or lack thereof 🐽)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Maybe that series would be good for me, as a Scot? I’m not a fan of the fog–very oppressive!