Where was I?

I don’t have much today. Y’all do not prob’ly wanna hear about my job. Actually it is waaaaaay fun these days because with our new “agile” “methodology” I feel like I have more freedom to, uh, create.

Lemme see… What else?

BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog) sent along this link about the No Politics Day MeteorITE. I knew that pieces of the meteor / bolide had been found on top of a frozen lake but hadn’t posted about it.

It is the beginning of the Dreaded Tax Season. I always hate the Dreaded Tax Season. Where are your W2s? People do want to know. Answer: They aren’t ready yet. I will get an email when they are. That is the best that I can do. This is all a whole lot less stressful since I convinced *us* to hire a CPA. I’m remembering when we *both* *independently* did our taxes by hand. This was back in the day when a computer was minimally helpful and I remember sitting cross-legged on the Back Room floor with various forms and pieces of paper spread out around me. Things were so simple then. I suppose they aren’t all that much more complicated now but I don’t have the stomach for a random audit.

The government shutdown is OVER. YAY! Why under the sun didn’t they take three nail-biting weeks to end it all? I say that as a former nail-biter who has suffered through two government shutdowns. The first was the worst (for us) because the GG was furloughed and I did not have a job at the time. Second time around I had a decent job so the wolf wasn’t anywhere near the door but it drove me nuts to have him haaaaaanging around at home. Of course now that he is The Pensioner he haaaaaangs around all the time. That said, these stupid shutdowns are *hard* on the folks who get furloughed and please remember that not ALL of the folks that work for the government are idiot politicians or red-tape bureaucratic lackeys. Scientists anyone? IT folks? Actually the government could use a few more IT folks, um, Her Emails? For the record, I don’t blame Hillary for that so-called scandal. We’ll talk about that some other time.

I’m kind of done for now. The photoooo is from this morning. It was dark and dangereuse out there with very random residual bits of ice. My Mouse is here for dinner and we are picking out photos for our iPhone X cases. $1200 phones? Jeebus, we need cases… Love y’all.

One Response to “Where was I?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate tax time. Patt always dealt with all of it, and I’m still struggling to remember everything I have to do. Yuck.