The Grinch and The Groke and corporate “TV”

So *someone* is obsessively working on The Taxes. I mentioned that yesterday? We’ll just call him Mr. Taxman. I managed to find (via the corporate intranet site) where I can log in to get my W2s for last year but they aren’t available yet.

Mr. Taxman asked if I could get my last paystub from 2017. Well, yeah, I think I can find that… … … I could NOT find my paystubs ANYWHERE! I know I have found them before. I cannot find them now. What I could find? Well… Right front and center on the intranet home page is [corporation] TV. Talking heads making mini-speeches about all of our wonderful corporate achievements.

I am not complaining about the company. We do a lot of cool stuff and it is a pretty darn good place to work (except for the occasional Black Thursday, ugh). I’m just a bit puzzled about why it is so hard to navigate an IT company’s intranet and why anyone thinks that putting corporate “TV” on the home page is a good idea. I’m not sure that a big red “My Paystubs” button would be a good thing to put on the home page (even though there would be a secure login) but it would be nice to have menu items with meaningful labels to get there. I could not find one today. I *would* like a big red “Employee Support” button on the home page. Try to figure out how to file a “ticket” if your laptop tanks? Good luck. (My laptop is fine, knock on wood.)

Picture credit to Lizard Breath. I stole it from facebook. Last night she posted a bunch of pics from last summer. Those two folks on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench are The Grinch and The Groke, aka my cuzzint and me. And something that looks kind of like a mini spaceship but is actually a beach umbrella. You may know about The Grinch but you may not know about The Groke. The Groke is a character in the 1st Finn Family Moomintroll book. My kids started calling me The Groke a while back and I didn’t really understand until I finally read the book. I bought the book waaaaay back when and I started to read it aloud to my grade school cracker-jack readers at breakfast. They took it over to read independently and left me in the dust. So I never did read it until last summer.

Yes, I am The Groke. The Grinch and The Groke. Two cousins who have been friends ever since they were three (The Groke) and six (The Grinch) and had a “fight” over who got to hold a smelly package of smoked fish in the back of their grandaddy’s Studebaker. I think our dads were with us and I don’t exactly remember ceeeegar smoke but I’m sure it was involved somehow. Sometime in his teenage years, my cousin acquired the nickname Grinch and now, much later than my teenage years, I have acquired the nickname Groke. 💚

Clink your cubes to celebrate the summer to come.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m looking forward to summer too, with the opportunity for way more hikes and walks. I am thankful that our school district website is so easy to navigate; it used to be trickier. I need all the help I can get!