Why I don’t know how to turn on the TV

Actually, I can probably figger out how to turn the TV *on*. Finding a channel, not to mention a show on Netflix Apple TV or wherever? Not so much.

I don’t think all of these things actually work the TV. Some of them might work various stereo components. I’m just kind of amazed that they are all in one place, out in the open where you can find them (if you know how to use them). Back in the Jurassic Age, I remember one winter when Mouse and I were both “deathly ill” with some sort of hellacious cold virus. It was a Saturday and we were both on the couch in the back room and we couldn’t find a TV controller and we were both too lethargic to get up off the couch and switch the channel. So we watched Jumanji (the original one) and a couple other bad movies that were in rotation on whatever channel we were watching, over and over and over (and over and over) again.

In other news, yesterday morning I found The Gobbler! (Click the player at the bottom of this bunch of crapola, I don’t know how to embed it in an elegant way and don’t want to take the time to figger it out right now.) The Gobbler gets sent around to various family members every Thanksgiving, our little family and Pengo mainly. This Thanksgiving it went missing! We googled around for another gobbler and couldn’t find one that equaled *our* gobbler.

Well. I have been intermittently engaged in a Fly-Lady* style prodject to “declutter” my laptop. I am not doing this in an ORGANIZED kind of way, just whenever I have a few spare minutes I pick away at triaging random files. Delete or keep or move to a folder to be sorted out later. Yesterday, I opened a file named Michigan-[bunch of seemingly random numbers].mp3, and there was The Gobbler!

*I don’t follow Fly-Lady at all any more but a number of years ago when I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of crapola in my house she helped me get started on my de-hoardingacquisitioning journey and I highly recommended her. Yes, her website is kind of Old Skool. So what. She gets the information out there in such a way that you can grab what you want and get out. One of her main messages is to do things in small, easily digestible bits in small amounts of time. My de-acquisitioning journey is ongoing and I get immobilized sometimes but Fly-Lady’s advice and strategies always help get me started again.

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