Do you know where your syllabus is?

I lied yesterday when I said both my kids were in college when I began attending community college. Mouse was still in high school. But then I started thinking what the heck year *was* that anyway? I finally looked through my blahg’s pre-Wordpress archives to find the answer. Mouse was starting her senior year at Community High. It was 2004.

Lizard headed off to junior year (college) study abroad in Spain that year. She had plenty of advice about college for her old taaaaared mom before she left and I found this in my old pre-wordpress blahg archives:

  • Moom, where is your syllabus?
  • Is this all? Ed’s syllabuses are like a book!
  • Where is your homework assignment?
  • Your homework assignments are getting all curled up!
  • You need some folders! How many classes do you have?
  • Here are some Kalamazoo College folders.
  • I have just enough for your classes.
  • Put the syllabus in the left pocket.
  • Put the homework assignments in the right.
  • Print out that one syllabus that’s on the internet and put it in there.
  • You may lose the internet some time and you’ll be out of luck!
  • Is this your notebook?
  • You need a notebook for each class.
  • You are so unorganized.
  • Look at that pile of papers over there.
  • You need to organize yourself.
  • You better do your homework now.
  • You do *not* know how to be a student.

Uuuuuuuuhhhhh. We were in the ooooooolllld Landfill Chitchen. I did some of my schoolwork there but I eventually migrated over to the Green Couch (so I could watch all the dogz go by) (and give them “the eye”…)

I may not have known how to be a student but somehow or other I earned a consistent 4.0 average throughout the whole adventure.

I did use the K College folders for a while 💜

5 Responses to “Do you know where your syllabus is?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love your self-criticism and I’m glad it didn’t impede you 4.0! Ashley would reiterate how important the syllabi are! Too many of her students don’t read them and then mess up accordingly.

  2. isa Says:

    Yikes, sorry I was so bossy o__o

  3. Pooh Says:

    Somehow, I don’t hear “bossy”, I hear “helpful hints”, seasoned with a bit of “old sermons reflected back at the preacher”.

  4. Sam Says:

    I had a college prof who handed out syllabi the last week of class, despite Univ regulations that they are to be handed out the FIRST day…and AFTER we got the evaluation paperworks…. Bad move; he got _trashed_ in the reviews…as you might expect from a roomful of exasperated grad students (who certainly expected their reading list—of hundreds of pages) well before the END OF THE SEMESTER. [Sorry, clearly I’m still grinding about this. Thnx for the listening “ear.”]

  5. Sam Says:

    Oops. That’d be “syllabus.”