Party’s over

Until next January, that is. We have been to the Earle twice this month. That is definitely a record for us.

I had the duck canard last time (3 weeks ago). Tonight I had one of the veal dishes and I had to box half of it. The Earle is in a basement space and I love the old stone walls. They are really not the same kind of stonework that the Old Cabin faaaarplace is made of but they remind me of it and are therefore comforting. I spent my first 5/6 summers at the Old Cabin, until my family built a rustic little cabin next door to it.

The occasion was another birthday of porterization and we all had a great time and I love the Earle but it’ll probably be a while before I’ll venture there again. The GG is once again saying things like, “We eat out all the time.” Once again, I don’t really understand where he gets that. We have in fact eaten out a lot in the last week or so but last weekend was the folk festival and it was simply a kind of crazy weekend, one where we didn’t have total control of our schedule and were meeting up with various people. Other than that and tonight, I have to keep reminding him that we eat at home [usually] six nights a week, breakfast at home usually seven days and I take a lunch of leftovers to work virtually every day there isn’t some kind of dog and pony show going on there where they feed us.

It isn’t my day to do birthday wishes but since I forgot to do them on my own birthday, I have two belated ones. One is for clear enough skies here tomorrow morning to view what people are calling the Super Blue Blood Moon during the eclipse and two is for the GG to turn off the SOTU in the bedroom soon so I can go to sleep. Because I cannot watch that Train Wreck any longer. I am on the side of facts, reason, and common sense and that is not what we are getting with this president. I am sorry if you feel differently. I do not know why anyone believes anything he says. Good night. Sleep tight.

2 Responses to “Party’s over”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t watch the SOTU either for the same reason. Henry and I watched 4 episodes of Star Trek Discovery. Pretty good. I’ve been feeling like I eat out a lot too, but in reality it’s probably one meal a week or possibly two.

  2. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    I read “Fire and Fury” instead. (Although I did watch the MSNBC pundits analyze the train wreck afterwards). And then today, there really WAS a train wreck! Weird.