Super Blue Blood Moon

Alas, I could not see the Super Blue Blood Moon this morning. I was hoping to see the eclipse and I was walking at the right time but the cloud cover was too thick. I am envious of anyone who got good pics of the SBBM. My cousin Mac, who does *not* live anywhere near the god-forsaken Great Lake State, posted some good ones. I knew The Pensioner would want to see the eclipse if at all possible. But not. So I did not wake him up before I left for work. I suspect The Pensioner was already sentient when I snuck into the Monster Bedroom to throw my Winter Walking Skirt onto my Bedroom Mound but he didn’t say anything.

Hahahaha. I am watching Outlander tonight and so is the sassenach I married. Look it up.

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  2. Margaret Says:

    I don’t need to look it up! I already know. 🙂 We often miss things here because of clouds.