See you on the dark side of the moon

I have often felt like that when I have traveled from The Planet Ann Arbor (my adult home) to the yooperland (my childhood home) and back, even though it isn’t the dark side of the moon up in the UP at all. It is beautiful. We’ll go into the details of all that some other day (if I ever figger them out), mostly that I sometimes have to get my bearings together when I come home from a trip to Tahquamenon Falls, where there is no internet or cell service.

So, we left Houghton Lake last Friday morning. We encountered ooogly driving conditions until north of Indian River and after that, the skies were clear and beautiful and the roads were dry. We did a drive-by at the moomincabin to pick up some stuff. Here is the Cabin Road (a well-maintained 2-track, thank you Pete!).

Here is the moomincabin in winter. We were able to walk in with boots (no snowshoes) this time but I could not get to the beach without snowshoes and didn’t try.

After the moomincabin, we visited my cousin Judd and then met up with my cousin the Grinchie for lunch over at Pickles Bar and Grill.

From Pickles, we went westward up the Curley Lewis and on to meet our North Country Trail friends at the DNR lodge we stay at over at Tahquamenon Falls. It was a gorgeous weekend as always.

Here we are on skis Saturday.

Today we drove home to our own loverly Planet Ann Arbor. We knew that the planet had received a large amount of snow the day after we left for the yooperland. I’m not sure we were thinking about that while we were up north with our loverly yooperland friends. The I75 SUV freeway was dry all of the way down. We got to our driveway and…

Someone (probably Luke and Marsha across the street) had blown our sidewalk. I am so grateful for that. I was worried we might get a ticket or whatever. We always clear our snow but we weren’t home and I am thankful.

I’m faced with a “stand-up meeting” at Cubelandia tomorrow morning and I wonder if it’ll be hard to slide into that… but we are (mob-ile) a-gile nowadays and I will slide back in and maybe I will even slip a wee slideshow of the Great White North in tomorrow’s standup meeting. We’ll see.

Love y’all,

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  1. Isa Says:


  2. Marquis Says:

    Welcome back from your digital detox!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Love your photos of the snow! I enjoy the stuff, as long as it stays off the roads. 🙂