Skirts and bits of [fake] fur

I’ve posted this pic before so sorry to my nine reglear nucular taggers if you’ve already seen it one or two or ten times. It is The Commander and yer fav-o-rite blahgger and her little bro’ The Engineer. And yes, he *was* The Engineer back then. He knew every blasted automotive vee-hickle on the road by the time he was about three. Once the parental units were taking a banking type trip to Daytwa, leaving us with our Sault Ste. Siberian grandparents. The Engineer demanded multiple times that while they were down there in Megalopolis, they MAKE SURE to TELL HIM if they saw any Corvettes with the light covers up (or down). Whatever. (checks Google to make sure Corvettes were manufactured at that time – yes, of course, whew!)

Me? I ricocheted wildly between various personas. Fancy dressed-up girl. Tomboy beating all the neighborhood kids at running and jumping and playing kickball in the street. Focused systems analyst data-basing whatever flotsam and jetsam was in my bedroom. Musician… … … Wanna-be Indian (Wild Indian, not East Indian). One thing I was never as good as my brother at was identifying various species of automotive vee-hickles. But I’m not all that bad at it either… I just don’t care all that much. And I don’t care AT ALL about engines as long as they work correctly!

Uhhh, where the heck was I? Yes, I was hiking in a skirt and a hat trimmed with [fake] fur on a trip to Tahquamenon Falls way back in 196?. Was I 9 or 10? Something like that. I’m not sure even though I almost kind of remember the occasion. I remember the jacket and the skirt (corduroy, I think) and the hat. I don’t remember the boots or mitts. I bet the weather was pretty warm, otherwise we wouldn’t look so happy.

I apparently chose my own outfit that day. Except I bet The Comm forced me to put snowpants on under my loverly skirt. I STILL dress like that. I wear skirts EVERY DAY. I walk every winter morning in a beautiful long wool skirt. If it is cold enough, I pull leggings on underneath my skirt. Moom, I did heed your advice, if belatedly. I don’t ski or snowshoe in that long skirt. Catching an edge is too dangerous with a long skirt involved.

I wore my snowpants when I skied at Tahquamenon last weekend but I kept my skirt in the Frog Hopper so I could change out of my snowpants and into my skirt before heading into the Den of Iniquity Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub for lunch. Bits of [fake] fur are on my sparkly bomber hat and my new Sorel snowboots.

One Response to “Skirts and bits of [fake] fur”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t even own a skirt, although I do have two skorts. I needed them for Thailand, and they’ve come in handy since. I suppose I will need to shop for a mother of the bride dress eventually, which will be difficult. I don’t like to dress up. I love your style because it’s casual and comfortable, yet dashing. 🙂