Hot date at the landfill

A lot of men make their wives happy by taking them shopping. This wife, not so much. I am more likely to say something like, “you go and pick a couch out and I will say yay or nay.” I was a shopper once in my life. I am not a shopper now. I hate shopping.

How the GG makes his wife (meeeee) happy is to load up a bunch of crappy old stuff into the Frog Hopper and drive it to the dump! Ta da dump ta da dump ta da dump dump dump, etc. Sing it to the tune of the William Tell opera. Y’all know it.

Today we took stuff to the Kiwanis Thrift sale and the dump. Goodbye 10-year-old printer and ole dead Roooomba and I fergit what else.

I didn’t take photos today. I think I took this photo at the Ann Arbor landfill a few years ago. I am pretty sure it isn’t from the Sault Ste. Siberian Habitat yard. There were a whole bunch of old toilets there…

We were dropping off a couple of mattresses at Sault Ste. Siberia habitat (and some other stuff). Yes, they took mattresses there. While we were there, we got wind of a couple of folks who were *buying* a mattress (for $10) to take home to their rental house. The problem was that they had no way to transport that mattress to their home. You have to know that the GG put their new mattress into the Courtois Trash Trailer and we drove those folks to their new home.

One Response to “Hot date at the landfill”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A wonderful story! You already know how much I hate to shop. I’m thankful that I haven’t changed sizes much, so I can keep all my old clothes. 🙂