Midwinter Break 2018

I am maybe a bit too excited about our upcoming “warmup”. It was a beautiful sunny day but the temperature barely iiiiiiinched into the lower 30s from a 26 degree start, complete with a dusting of snow and [still] some icy patches of sidewalk [grrrr]. It’s okay. It’s [still] winter and this is [the beautiful, godforsaken] state of Michigan. The North SHALL Rise Again.

I am on a Mother’s March these days. I am marching to clean out the freezer. It isn’t all that bad really. The only freezer I have is the one incorporated into my refrigerator. It can’t get all that filled up. There is a Container of Blueberries that needs to be used but I did not pick them (I am not blessed cursed with berry-picking DNA) and I am not sure what to do with them. It is bratwurst that I’ve had in my sights this winter. And the associated buns. There were four of them in there this morning. I scheduled a bratwurst lunch for today. That would take care of two of them. Then. Doodaloop? I was over at the Plum when I got a text message. My Mouse came over today to avail herself of laundry facilities and tax preparation software. That made three. We cooked all four *anyway*. Hopefully the GG will eat the final one for lunch this week.

I hung around tinking away at de-cluttering my laptop while Mouse was here. I can do that and talk to Mouse about her plants (the ones that are stashed here at the Landfill) and anything else we decide to talk about.

Today a topic of conversation was a brand-new gosling, birthed yesterday by one of Mouse’s BFFs since forever, participant in back-to-back sleepovers during the fugliest xmas school break ever and co-instigator of the infamous Bacon Driving Incident. Seems like yesterday when they were sitting on my bed watching movies yelling, “Bagawk! Bagawk!” and wearing buckets on their heads and other crazy stuff 💜

At any rate, during my travels through ancient computer files, I found some stuff from 2001, including the classics I am posting today. My beautiful cousin (1st cousin once removed) pulling her triplets (my 1st cousins twice removed, C*Q*L’s older sibs) along in a canoe. The GG engineered the beach chairs for them to sit in. No they are not wearing life jackets. What you can’t see in this pic is that there were any number of adults/teenagers within grabbing distance of these toddlers. And they were not taken out into deep water in this rickety (but fun) contraption. Still, do NOT try this at home!

It was serendipitous that I found these particular pics today, given that the triplets touched down on The Planet Ann Arbor today. We didn’t try to complicate their schedule to meet up with them. We had our own things to do. The beautiful toddlers in the lawn chair canoe are now picking out colleges and our local college (UMich) is on the list for one of them. I won’t say whose list. I’m not even sure I know! All I will say is that it must be totally crazy to be a parent trying to provide support for triplets to choose colleges. We’ll see them in the summer. Plus their younger sister C*Q*L and thank you god or whoever that she will not be leaving for college any time soon!

2 Responses to “Midwinter Break 2018”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Love the photos! Also, I know that their mom is tall, but you can see that the canoe is not even knee deep.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Three in college at the same time–that’s scary!