Everything emptying into white

And that’s what’s going on today as The Great Lake State melts. I emptied into white as I left work this afternoon and could not see *anything* ahead of me on the squiggly little road that leads from my parking place at Cubelandia to the main road. Squiggly but NOT ICY, at least not today, thank you whoever.

So here’s the wayback musheen again, back to a sunny hot(?) summer day at the moominbeach in 2001. A “sailing” expotition by Liz, her buddy Jess (they are STILL BFFs!), and a couple of Liz’s 2nd cuzzints. We used to [affectionately] call them The Boyz of Noyz but that nickname doesn’t really fit any more as they have grown into sensitive, accomplished young men who are fun to be around. I think it is really cool that my children know cousins of all degrees well enough to *want* to get together with them but that would be a topic for another post.

Dan is an accomplished sailor but that weekend we couldn’t find the sail that went with that boat. I can’t remember whose garage it was stashed in… 🐸 Being an inventive kind of guy, he rigged up a tarp sail for the old Boston Whaler.

They have launched! Although they seem to be pointing *toward* the beach, not away from it…

They actually sailed for maybe about five seconds. I do see Liz dipping an oar into the water. Hmmm…

Walking the boat back to shore.

Missing those old days. I could write volumes about that old Boston Whaler boat, which us teenagers mostly used as a rowboat back in the 1960s. But not tonight. Cat Stevens from so long ago.

G’night. KW

2 Responses to “Everything emptying into white”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad for no ice! Beautiful photos. I love finding old pictures, although they also make me nostalgic.

  2. Marquis Says: