Finding quinoa before quinoa was cool

I think this will be my last wayback musheen photoooo for a while. I could change my mind if I find more funny old photoooos. After all, it’s my blahg and I can do whatever the hell I want to. I have been looking for this pic since summer 2016 when the GG orchestrated a big Man Cleaning of the moomincabin, pressing our lovely Beach Urchins into service.

When The Comm did this, she was 80 years old. We were all a little nervous about her being out on that overhang, like we are when My Dear Uncle Harry does things on ladders, etc. What the heck? *I* don’t like to get up on roofs but then I never have. Just a touch of acrophobia going on there.

Disclaimer: This is a *terrible* pic of The Comm BTW. It was taken with our Sony Mavica and we must’ve zoomed in or whatever because her face is mottled with the “artifacts” of early digital photography. In reality, her skin was pretty darn good for an 80-year-old. It’s true but I also had to say it for fear of her sending lightning bolts down upon me for posting such an fugly pic.

During the 2016 Man Cleaning, Mouse got out on the little roof overhanging the back deck and swept off the pine needles. Just like The Commander used to do. This pic provides a better (and a bit less scary) view of where the pine-needle sweeping took place. That white line going across the photooo. That’s the clothesline! It is an important, integral part of life at the moomincabin.

I’ll tell you about Bat Cooking and Garbage Day some other time. Again, since I’m sure I have talked about those things before.

One Response to “Finding quinoa before quinoa was cool”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been going back for old photos too, but posting them mostly on FB. However, to get them, I went back to 2005 on my blog, and ended up spending hours reading what I had written. It was quite an experience, and I am thankful I have a blog. A trip down memory lane can be positive.