Random bits of my so-called life job

Ping! Ping! Ping-ping-pingity-ping!

India emails: Whaddya wanna do about this off-the-wall scenario? (Hey, note that “India” writes in perfect English and doesn’t ever say stuff like “whaddya” or “wanna”). Mouse would love my India colleagues, or at least their grammar and syntax.

Meeting notices up the wazoo: mostly false ones sent because Outlook (at least as implemented at global-corp) doesn’t always work all that well.

FZ yelling any number of things over the wall and/or pinging emails at me: Yes, No, DAZ. We need to talk. It’s okay, I mean THE TEAM needs to talk. You’ve heard of work boyfriends? FZ is NOT my work boyfriend. But we somehow speak the same language. That language is called something like, “Requirements Requirements Requirements”. I email long complicated questions to him and he answers them with long complicated answers that I can understand. And vice versa.

Amazon Woman emails/texts/IMs/whatever: Can I just say this is the best supervisor I have ever had.

LSCHP randomness: Where is this (or that) site that I used to have before my computer crashed? Don’t we have this somewhere in our product? [segue off into some other subject, like that new Marvel movie or Futurama or whatever]

Israel calls: Well, actually Israel does not *ever* call me personally [yet] but I am working on that prodject so when the LSCHP or the CRD are on a call with them, I am all ears. I do meet online with this group on Thursdays so we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning. Don’t stay tuned.

Mr. Golden Sun makes his last appearance for a day or so.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo with the blue sky and clouds. Your job sounds very complicated. Younger daughter deals with insurance in all states for Labor Ready so her job is crazy complex too, since the states have different payrolls and rules. I couldn’t do that job either. Every time she tries to explain it to me, my eyes glaze over.