First world problems

Once upon a time we were on our way to Fla and we didn’t stop in time that day to find even a bottom-tier chain motel that wasn’t full up. I mean like the one we once stayed at in Corbin, Kentucky. It was kinda okay (my in-laws sang its praises) but I GOT A COLD SHOWER. Yes, A COLD SHOWER. I know. I used to bathe in Lake Superior when I was a kid before The Commander installed hot water and a shower at the moomincabin.

That night we couldn’t find a place, we ended up staying at the Swamp Fox. Yes, that was really the name of the motel. As fugly as it was, at least there were people staying there that kinda reminded me of my parents. It felt friendly and I knew I only had to stay there one night.

I know there is hot water where I am staying tonight. The GG obtained a couple more towels so that should be okay. I mean, even when my hair is “short” it is long and it is not particularly “short” right now (Kaitlyn where art thou?). I can kinda manage with one towel but it is really better if I can wrap my hair up in one towel and use the other one to dry everything else. TMI, I guess.

I will not complain (tonight) about the NOISY “temperature control” musheen that I cannot control. Mainly I cannot turn the blasted fan off and it insists upon blowing air in my face, randomly hot or cold, completely unhinged from whatever I have tried to set the temperature to. I just hope I can sleep through the cacophony. Oh dear, the fan just shut itself off for 30 seconds and I could hear the frickin’ freeway noise. I suppose I could be schlepping around 1840-something Scotland staying in bedbug infested “inns” like my fave Sassenach heroine. There certainly wouldn’t be any freeway noise there and at least we are not staying under the end of an airport runway like we once did in Knoxville.

Good night. I am taking one for the North Country Trail this weekend and I will live to laugh about it but I will not be staying at this place again.

One Response to “First world problems”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s all a grand adventure, and go with the flow, as Patt used to say. I personally prefer smoother and less stressful travel. 😉