Chocolate church

One of the most fun things to do after the Quiet Water Symposium is to explore back-road routes home to The Planet Ann Arbor. The Planet is an hour or less drive from East Lansing if you take the freeway.

We prefer the picturesque back roads whenever possible and this year it was a gorgeous day, so we headed south and east (and south and east (and south and east)). You can’t really get lost on the back roads between East Lansing and The Planet Ann Arbor but you can get recursive.

We checked in on my BFF’s childhood home, a place I visited many times as a college student and then later on… It looks occupied. I chose not to take a photoooo this time. I think she and I are kind of beyond those bittersweet days of slowly losing our parents. When I am in Sault Ste. Siberia, I do sometimes drive by the old Dillon house (and sometimes even the Superior Street house) but I do not get emotional.

Anyway, we wound down south and east and at one point we encountered Catholic Church Road! I was happy that the GG turned onto Catholic Church Road. I figured that if it was named that, there was probably a Catholic church. He turned south again at one intersection and I made him turn around. I wanted to see that church if it existed and so it did. It was beautiful. There was a little graveyard across the road with Jesus on the cross and everything. I am not religious at all but I loved this little church.

Eventually we wound our way back to The Landfill. After unpacking and a walk to the Plum (me) and some decompressing, we found lunch at The Den of Iniquity The Session Room. Where it turned out to be Haisley Day! Haisley School is the school behind The Landfill where the beach urchins went to grade school. I heard somebody say something about Ike (pronounced EK) and I did a double-take because Ike was in kindergarten with Lizard Breath and somehow I knew that the EK they were talking about was the Ike that I knew. Turns out that another person at the bar was a kid from Haisley. And then… The bartender (who we *love*) turned out to be a Haisley kid too.

2 Responses to “Chocolate church”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Small world, isn’t it? I’m a non-church goer, but love churches, cathedrals, cemeteries and stained glass.

  2. Sam Says:

    I think my “beyond” is a good match for your “beyond.” I, too, sometimes drive past the Dillon house, but my memories of it are from the late 70s. And, yes, bittersweet—very appropriate word!