Frahg Blahg

Grok grok grok! I betchyall fergot about meeeeeeeee! It’s yer fav-o-rite frog! Ol’ Baggy isn’t payin’ attenshun right now so I’m steelin’ her ‘puter cos I wannit t’ tellya all about how me ‘n’ my bff Frogette wer th’ STARS o’ th’ ol’ quiet wotter simposeum ‘r’ wotever it wuz. ‘n’ weeee arnt kiddin’! (I’m on th’ left. Frogette haz snowflakes on ‘is head. I don’ know whar ‘is tutu went.)

Thare we are up on our peddy-stils next t’ that ol’ north kuntreee trale thingy. Peeeepul kep’ commin’ along ‘n’ wen thay saw US!!!!! up thare, thay all took pitchers of us! Yay fer Frogzzz!!! Grok grok grok grok! Ba-grawk!

Th’ only problum wuz that sumbuddy put me down on th’ tabul while thay wer pakkin’ up ‘n’ sum li’l munchkin got aholt o’ me ‘n’ decided ‘e wannit t’ steeeeeel me! I think Ol’ Baggy wuz wachin’ t’ make sher I didn’ git stolin but she didn’ do ENYTHIN’ about how th’ munchkin wuz treetin’ me! Grok grok Graaaaaaaawwwwwk! Th’ munchkin wuz flippin’ ‘n’ floppin’ me all over th’ place, up ‘n’ down ‘n’ upside down’ ‘n’ then it tride t’ feed me a FISH! I DO NOT EAT FISH! ‘speshully not NITTED FISH! I eat flees ‘n’ flys ‘n’ I drink londry detergent w’ a chaser o’ listereeeen. ‘n’ then th’ munchkin kep’ grabbin’ me by th’ EYE! D’ya know that wunce when I wuz a tadpole, one o’ my eyes pop’t OUT! It wuz orful! Th’ Ol’ Penshuner hadta gloo it back in!

Fine’ly th’ munchkins ol’ granpappy tole ‘im that ‘e cuddnt keep me ‘n’ after a looooooooooong time, Ol’ Baggy grab’d me up ‘n’ stuf’t me ‘n’ Frogette ‘n’ Bukky Beever ‘n’ a cupple uvver aminals inta that big red been bag ‘n’ sumbuddy throo us inta th’ ol’ Frog Hopper. Whew! Sumhow I lost th’ watter bottel that I keep in my puppethole but th’ munchkin’s ol’ granpappy found it ‘n’ gave it t’ Ol’ Baggy ‘n’ evenshully…………… she put it back inside me so now I kin kinda sit up strate agin.

Oops. I heer Ol’ Baggy clumpin’ along tward th’ chitchen. Seeya in th’ nex’ eppysode of Froggy the Grate! Grok grok grokkity grokkity grok, ba-grawk!

4 Responses to “Frahg Blahg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Froggy needs to start tweeting like Trump. 😉

  2. l4827 Says:

    Yay ol’ Gorker…

  3. isa Says:

    Wait, Froggy was nearly frognapped?!

    Should I be concerned about how easy that was for me to interpret?

  4. Sam Says:

    I think I need a water bottle to help me sit up straight, too! (If only it were that easy! Ahhhhh, posture!)