Put another log on the faaaar

When I got home yesterday, the big wooden front door looked shut so I had hope that The Pensioner was out gallivanting around somewhere, giving me a little time to Spacify. No such luck. “Oh, I must’ve swung it shut.”

We keep the big wooden front door open except when we turn in for the night or no one is home. We have an outer glass or screen door, which can be switched out depending on the season. I like the wooden door open during the daylight hours because it lets more light in from outside and I like to light my house with as much natural light as possible. This leads to awkward conversations on the rare occasions we have guests and they innocently shut the door when they come in. For the most part, I just sneak around behind them and open it up again.

Then… The Pensioner aka Mr. It’s-20-Below-and-Snowing-Let’s-Go-Out-and-Snowshoe-8-Miles was heard to be whining (and I mean actually whining, not drinking cab) about how long and c-c-c-cold this winter has been. I’m not sure I agree. My standard of calibration for how cold a Planet Ann Arbor winter can be is based on the 2014 Polar Vortex winter. The neverending winter when we had snow that rivaled the snow we got in Sault Ste. Siberia when I was a kid and walked on top of snowbanks to get to school (for fun, not because I had to). This winter? Pffft! Yeah, we have had some intermittent snow. We have had some cold snaps. We have also had more than a few “January thaws”, as we used to call them in the yooperland back in the day.

I looked at TP and I scrutinized his hoary-looking facial hair and I said… No I didn’t say “shave”, at least not that time. I said, “Why didn’t you make a faaaaarrr?”

He did not make a faaaaaar yesterday (and that was okay) but I came home to one today. Yay! As usual, I am not sitting out there next to it but I can see it from the chitchen and he just put another log on. I’m remembering one of the songs the GG had on a mix tape made by his friend Duncan when I first met him. I was not a fan of country music at that time but this song cracked me up and I loved the tape (which wasn’t all country). I can’t say that this mix tape was what got me hooked up with the GG permanently but it was definitely a factor.

Sooooo, put another log on the faaaar. Cook me up some bacon and some beans…

One Response to “Put another log on the faaaar”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think fires are very comforting, even fake ones like I have. Our winter hasn’t been bad this year–just a couple of snow storms and it goes away quickly. 🙂