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I have no idea what to blahg about today so I guess I’ll do a book blahg. It won’t be very interesting because I just downloaded the sixth book in the Outlander series. That’s right. I have been reading the Outlander series since, hmm…, when did I start reading the Outlander series. I’m thinking it was around xmas?

For a while there I had to scramble a bit to keep ahead of the GG because we watched what amounted to the first two books on teevee. Although I think more of the series is available now, we have not gotten around to locating it and I am waaaaay ahead of him now. I’m not gloating at all. For all I know, he could be reading the series in secret and he has a lot more time to sit around reading books than I do but I’m gonna guess that his current reading material is either the Russian Revolution or yooperland geology. I could be wrong. Of course, I don’t want to be a spoiler either so I have a hard time clamping my mouth shut about what happens next (in the TV adaptation) although I am not shy about pointing out where the movie has cut something out or whatever. The books are loooong and detailed so a lot of stuff necessarily ends up on the cutting room floor when making a television series.

There is a lot of blood and gore and broken bones <spoilers>snakebite or failed hanging anyone?</spoilers> in these books and sometimes I think I might need a palate cleanser book. Two problems here: 1) my palate cleanser books often turn out to be dystopian books like Annihilation, which isn’t exactly a palate cleanser, and 2) I am hooked.

One of the (occasional) perks of reading these books is that sometimes the name Farquharson shows up, also names like Findlay (subtract the “d” and add “son” to the end and you have my name). I don’t know all of the details of my heritage but my Fin relatives came from Scotland and I remember when I was young people saying we were part of the Farquharson clan.

So where was I? It is a fun book series and I feel connected to the people a bit because of my own long-ago heritage even though I was born and raised in 20th century America. I love the protagonist, even though she is a sassenach, like my long-suffering husband. And now I have to go hoof it over to Knight’s because I have porterized myself tonight.

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    I am afraid to start that series because I would probably get hooked too! Enjoy your evening out!!