I am determined to drive my loverly little 9-year-old Ninja (Honda Civic SI, 6-speed manual tranny w/ performance taars) to work this week despite snow weather forecasts. It’s not supposed to be a lot of snow but I am annoyed that Old Man Winter seems to be haaaannnnging around longer than I would like, like it was supposed to be something like 40 today and nope. 35 and there is still ice in the micro-climate between the front door and the recycle/garbage carts.

Nevertheless, I am gonna thumb my nose at Old Man Winter at this point.

So, I am in the sixth Outlander book and a character named Mouse shows up. She was characterized as being a Force of Nature, if you know what I mean. My Mouse is also a Force of Nature. Apparently the Mouse in the book was named Mouse from birth (Native American). I did not name my daughter Mouse at birth. She named herself and I have always supported her choice. I never really liked my name (Anne) either. I never felt like it “fit” me and I am still uncomfortable with it.

How do we know when we name our children if they will want to be known by the name we bestow them. We don’t know but we do the best we can. The Commander did once tell me that she named me after Anne of Green Gables. That makes me happier about my name but Anne of Green Gables had always wanted to be called Cordelia. In other words, she didn’t really like her name either.

Daylight Savings Time is upon us. I actually love the time changes.

One Response to “Determined!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do not like the time changes, as you know from my whining on FB! Have you seen the film “Lady Bird?” It talks about names, and the ones we give ourselves. I have allowed nicknames in the past, and some still call me by them. Margie (hard g) at work among my closest friends, and some of my relatives, Maggie in college, Mag to my brother and parents…but these days I am Margaret and I own that long and old-fashioned name. When I was a kid and my mom told me she thought about calling me Lydia, I fell in love with that name. I lived in an era of Debbies, Kathys, Pams, Lindas, etc. I was embarrassed about my name, but now I definitely love it. I would have named Ashley something different, but Patt loved the name. Alison Catherine seems to fit our younger child, although most people call her Ali, which I hate. I think I need to write a blog post about this!