Colored lamp evolution

I wish I had a bigger pic of this but I do not. [Delete long rant about saving original photos, not just the optimized ones.]

This photoooo was taken the first weekend that the new version of the CFam cabin at Houghton Lake was habitable enough to stay at for a weekend. It was early May 2005. Central heat and hot showers were among the amenities. The floor was not finished. We went out to Home Depot to buy various hardware and lucky-shuckial things. When we encountered This Lamp, we both stopped dead in our tracks and bought it! I mean, when the GG and I agree on something like that instantaneously, it is a done deal. Oh, don’t worry, it was only something like $30 or so. A Cheapie, as The Commander used to say.

The lamp looks good in that bare bones version of the cabin but in the long run it wasn’t the right thing so we took it home. And then a few years later, my cousin Uber Kayak Woman began traveling to Michigan more frequently to see Radical Betty (her mother) and at one point she was down here at the Landfill to catch a flight outta Metro and and and… It turned out that she ALSO owned that lamp and, like me, had bought it on a whim during a trip to Home Depot. I was thunderstruck. We are not alike in so many ways… and… yet… we are…

Somehow or other, we ended up with THREE of those lamps. I’m thinking maybe Mouse had one for a while but I can’t remember. At any rate, I loved them dearly until I didn’t. It was sudden. I think it was before we got LED bulbs for our existing lamps so that we could change the color via our iPhones but I’m not sure. I can’t remember if I was simply sick to death of floor lamps or what. Well, I do hate floor lamps but now we have all of the floor lamps The Commander had in her house. I want to get rid of them. I am meeting resistance. Sigh.

At any rate, those lamps were in fact Cheapies and I fergit what The Pensioner did with them but they did disappear and I am happy about that.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Alison has a floor lamp like that in her room. I am not a fan of floor lamps since I seem to walk into them frequently. They don’t seem very practical to me.