Oh darn!

So I got home from Cubelandia this afternoon and rolled the handy-dandy Planet Ann Arbor garbage cart down to the curb, flung a garment or two, threw a load of laundry in, and faaared up my MacBook Pro. And. My blahg was down! I wasn’t worried at all. I figgered it was either some sort of temporary glitch with the host that would resolve itself or the Guru would be *on* it ASAP. (Note that the Guru ≠ the GG. The GG is a computer scientist and he can do a lot of things but he has nothing to do with the guts behind my blahg.)

Actually, for a few minutes I felt freedom! Maybe I will get a day off from blahgging? So I was almost kind of hoping the blahg would stay down for a while. When I refreshed it again 15 minutes later, it loaded right up and I thought, “Oh darn!” I had been hoping for a break but I didn’t get one. (I’m sure a few of y’all might wish I would take one 🐽)

It is not easy to commit to writing a daily blahg entry. Some days mark an occasion or event of some sort. Some come with a good story, like the time we got hit by a tornado on the NB I75 SUV Speedway (except that was 1997 and I wasn’t blahgging yet but I did write it up in the Hoton Lake log). Some days I am struck by a memory or photo that inspires a story. Some days a bunch of lightly captioned photos tell the story. Some days I have absolutely NOTHING to talk about and then something totally bizarre happens and I am rolling. Some days I just plain have nothing.

I have been doing this blahg almost every day for almost 15 years. Why do I do it? For one thing, it’s a wee bit of my minor tendencies toward OCD that I have not been able to shove into a corner. For another, people I don’t see every day occasionally wonder where I am if I don’t post something. I now roll with random service outages or trips to places like Tahq where there is NO service, letting people who might care know what’s going on. I have learned to think of those little breaks from blahgging as a chance to relax just a bit.

Today I guess the momentary outage found my topic for me, allowing me to randomly Navel Gaze to my heart’s content. You’re welcome 🐽.

Oh yeah! I was NOT blahgging in today’s photoooo. That is an Apple II+. I *think* the pic is from our old Jackson Ave. apartment. I was either futzing around with Excel VisiCalc or writing programs in the Basic programming language that was easily available on those old musheens. I was definitely not playing Space Eggs or Sticky Bear ABC.

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