Holy backyard glacier

This is the first time I have sat outside since sometime last fall. I can’t remember when. It got pretty warm today (like 47 or something) but I was sitting out there wearing most of my winter walking regalia, including a long wool skirt (over other layers), a balaclava, and my ultra-light Smartwool winter jacket. Oh, and a blanket at the ready. I did not need all of that stuff walking downtown today. I didn’t need all of that stuff when I first went outside. But I was *sitting* and as the sun sunk lower over in the west, I was glad I had all of it. I didn’t ever have to use the blanket and no one snowP’d their name in our own personal glacier. At least not this afternoon. Being female, whenever I snowP, I can only make random yellow holes in the snow.

Apparently, here on the Planet Ann Arbor, Conor O’Neill’s opens at 7:00 AM on St. Patrick’s Day and charges a $10 cover charge just to get in the door. Scuttlebutt has it that there was a line of people waiting to get in to Conor O’Neill’s that stretched around the block at 7:00 this morning. I love Conor O’Neill’s but…

We did a version of our usual Saturday Planet Ann Arbor thing, Farmers Market in the morning, then a walk down to the Grizzly Peak for lunch with our fave bartender there. We got to the Griz a wee bit earlier than usual because I figgered that on a beautiful sunny kinda-warm St. Patrick’s Day it would be busy and it was. Bar seats were still available when we got there. When we left, the place was a zoo. We walked by Conor O’Neill’s on the way to the bus and there was definitely a line out the door but it didn’t go around the corner. St. Patrick’s Day is fun but I’m not sure you have to go to an Irish pub to find the fun but whatever.

Anyway, we got to the Blake Transit Center about a minute before bus 31 came along so we took that thing out to the Plum Market and walked home from there.

And then, the GG got involved in burning various pieces of brush and whatever and I went and sat outside next to the mini-glacier.

We’ve got more to burn tomorrow. Love.

One Response to “Holy backyard glacier”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t do Saint Patrick’s Day because of the crowds. It’s not fun to be packed in a loud bar. I would have enjoyed your day! I mowed my back lawn, and hung out with the cat. Pretty boring, actually. 🙂