Hangit around

Nothing like sitting at a table in a restaurant and looking at various versions of your own face all the way around. That was lunch with a whole bunch of MacMu cousins and my remaining MacMu uncle, The Commander’s youngest sibling, who has beat out The Comm, as he is turning 92 tomorrow. The Comm made it to 91. He is five years younger than her and was born a bit prematurely and she remembered that he was small enough to fit in a shoebox when they brought him home. He is now wheelchair bound and has difficulty communicating with fluency but he is definitely all there and pretty darn cagey about snagging a beer (or two…).

We met up with him and his three children and our cousin Teri at the Sidetrack over in Ypsi and I had the GG drop me off at the Plum Market on the way home so I could pick up some more items for our own little dinner party with our kids and friends. The plan was to continue burning the Brush Pile in the back yard and it was warm enough today (56?) that I did not need my balaclava at all. As it turned out, the faaaaar from yesterday’s brush burning did not extinguish itself overnight. We have all been taught to extinguish outdoor faaaaars completely and that is good advice but our little overnight faaaar was probably not much of a threat in our suburban back yard, where the ground is wet and squishy as all get out now that our holy backyard glacier is finally melting.

Oh dear, it was such a beautiful, fun weekend that I pretty much totally fergot about my war with xml help pages. It’s Sunday night and I will be back at it tomorrow. My cousins (from today) are all in various stages of retaaarment. Retired, semi-retired, thinking about it, whatever. I am not there yet. I have not followed a “traditional” career path and for now I love my work too much to quit. And so to bed and up early tomorrow. Ho hum and hi ho.

One Response to “Hangit around”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun times! I wish I were as close to my cousins as you are to yours. Of course, several of mine are certifiably insane. The others (the ones I like) live too far north to get together very frequently.