Wood Smoke, Man Colds, and Orange Hearts Forever 🧡

I carried the smell of wood smoke to work with me today. It was in my jacket and scarf. I love the smell of wood smoke and, unlike cigarette smoke, I don’t mind if it gets into my clothes. Although I will have to wash my smartwool jacket soon. It is musheen washable with care: COLD, delicate, line dry (for best results). I can do all that. There was stuff about ironing it but I will NOT be ironing my jacket. Whyyyyy?

We are almost out of orange juice today. I figgered the GG would notice about that and schlep out for OJ. He has turned into a pretty darn good supplier of breakfast-y type food and drink, so much so that I don’t really have to think about whether or not we have eggs or English muffins or orange juice. If I want to Drive Bacon, I usually have to obtain it myself but I don’t eat bacon all that often. That said, note to self: try some of Sparrow’s duck bacon one of these days.

Anyway, I got home and the door was kinda pulled shut and the GG issued some sort of guttural-sounding hello when I came in. I couldn’t figger out where he was at first. It didn’t sound like he was in the Man Cave or the Bureau of ATF. This may start sounding like Outlander. Where is he? Over a cliff with some sort of life-threatening injury that’ll be dicey to fix back in the 18th century?

Of course not. It turned out the GG was pretty comfortably ensconced over in the Extra Bedroom reading something on his Kindle. He was suffering from a Man Cold. He didn’t go out all day. I noticed in the middle of the night that something might be up with all the snuffling noises and then he kept saying Ouch in his sleep (or not). I couldn’t figger the ouch thing out but know now that it was a sore throat. So, I will make do by mixing the scrap of OJ that is left with cran juice tomorrow morning and we’ll figger out how to get more OJ then. The GG is vertical for now and taking a wee bit of bourbon, which probably means he isn’t deathly ill. Still, I hope I don’t get his cold.

Orange heart? 🧡 Orange heart? 🧡 Orange heart orange heart orange heart? 🧡🧡🧡 There is an orange heart emoji now. I think that is new. I can still remember learning the rainbow colors in kindergarten. I was entranced. I hate when one of them is left out and that is usually orange. Orange is an underrated color. It is not the best color for *me* to *wear* except maybe as an accent on Halloween but it is a beautiful color.

The photoooo is of Mouse’s hands holding a leaf with a wee jawbone. She found this in her pocketses yesterday afternoon after a jaunt in one of our county preserves. Isn’t it cute? I’m sure some of you are glad I didn’t post the pic she sent of the big (dead) snake someone slung over a tree branch. Quite some discussion ensued about what kind of snake it was but I THINK we sorta settled on garter snake. Not poisonous in any case. The Great Lakes State’s only poisonous snake is the Massasauga Rattler and they are around southeast Michigan but rarely encountered.

G’night and Orange Hearts to all 🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Wood Smoke, Man Colds, and Orange Hearts Forever 🧡”

  1. Sam Says:

    How could Roy’s* vowel color be skipped? Travesty!

    *as in Roy G Biv, but you knew that….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love orange flowers, but don’t wear the color, as it is nearly as hideous on me as yellow. I don’t like the smell of any smoke on me, especially in my hair. Man colds are the worst!! (according to men anyway)