Pig Roast

Do you ever get nostalgic for the days when you handed your teenaged / young 20-something children your debit card (and / or car)? *Did* you lend your debit card and / or car to your kids?

I did. And I really *am* nostalgic for those days. I *never* worried that they would use my debit card for nefarious purposes and they never did. A lot of the time, they were actually out buying groceries and things for *meeee*! My card got lost a couple times but I just canceled it and moved on. *I* have lost my own debit card! I probably worried more about the car but that was mainly because driving in traffic (and/or “weather”) can be so darn dangerous. I knew they were good, defensive drivers but I don’t trust other drivers and we all make mistakes, no matter how careful we are.

I like to buy things for my kids. I wouldn’t be singing this song if they were constantly hitting me up for rent, etc., but they manage their own finances with aplomb so if I step in to pay for something, it’s because I *want* to. Restaurants are my best example. I always try to grab the check. When I do this, I am honoring my own parents.

My parents *always* paid for the restaurant meals I (and my family) shared with them until the last couple years of The Commander’s life. The Comm was “with it” until the end but at a certain point her thought processes became a little slower and it was easier for me to just pay the bill. And I did, with my own money and with no regrets. Thanks in part to the life experiences and support my parents provided me throughout my life, I could well afford to pay by that time. Orange heart 🧡

Teenagers and 20-somethings eventually become 30-somethings and don’t need to take their mom’s debit card to the beer grocery store, but the other day, I handed one of my beach urchins my debit card to walk over and buy some beer, because we were totally *out* of beer. And then we *both* forgot about the card and she accidentally took it home with her and when we figgered that out I said I didn’t think I needed it this week. But then I went to buy orange juice today and. uh. I do not have a debit card. Or any cash. I do have two *credit* cards but I *never* use them and, guess what? They did not work… Probably because I never use them… So I had to leave my groceries behind.

It’s okay, I’ll get my debit card back soon and the GG gave me enough cash to get me through until then. And the next time a daughter comes over and I send her out to buy beer, I’ll give her my debit card again. And I’ll be trying to snag restaurant checks until I can no longer manage to do that. Because orange heart 🧡.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I get in trouble for always grabbing the check, but I have plenty of money and love treating my kids to stuff, so they can conserve their money for other things. As you said, our girls never ask us for money, which makes it even more fun to spoil them a little. However, when I was in Los Angeles, and Ryan absolutely insisted on paying for drinks in a bar, I was gracious. Then I paid later for a very expensive dinner. 🙂 I usually carry quite a bit of cash, but have also become dependent on my debit card.