Gooooood niiiiight

I just got home from “partying” and am hoping that I don’t get a Second Wind! It was a retirement party at one of our fave work party joints, Mediterrano. I love Mediterrano and would go there more often on my own except that it isn’t really walkable from The Landfill. So I love when we have work parties there. Oh and by the way, “partying” = alcohol was served but two glasses of whine or whatever was most folks’ limit. (Is the apostrophe in folks’ in the right place or even needed at all? I’m not sure I care.)

I don’t know the guest of honor all that well. Her career has been, shall we say, more stratospheric than mine and deservedly so*. Also, she has not worked in the Planet Ann Arbor office since well before I joined the company. So I am not usually in meetings with her, etc. Despite that, when I have encountered her on her visits to our backwater site, she has always been very gracious to everyone and we all love her.

Nevertheless, I am not crazy about evening events and starting about 6:00 or so, Nikio and I were sitting there joking about wanting to be home and in our pajamas. But wait a minute! Who was sitting on the other side of me? None other than W1.5, who retaaaaared a year or so ago. And my former Cube Nayber from day one was across the room. She retaaaared a couple years ago. In other words, there were people there that I haven’t seen in a while and the people I do see every day were even more fun than they are at work because we did’t [always] talk about work and the small amount of alcohol most people consumed greased the wheels allowing all of us nerdy introverts to let down our hair a wee bit. Like I even got off on a tangent about outhouses at one point.

So I dunno exactly what I’ve been rambling about here. It was a good night and I have leftover salmon, etc., for lunch tomorrow and it can’t get any better than that unless I get a Second Wind and can’t settle into sleep immediately.

*Disclaimer: I am not envious at all as I am very happy with my job and since I have never aspired to great heights, I am farther along at this point than I ever expected to be.

One Response to “Gooooood niiiiight”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like a perfect evening, although I agree with you these days about events that start at 6. I’m often in bed by 9! Still, it’s great fun to hang out with people we haven’t seen for a while. (yes, the apostrophe is the right place!)