A stinky smelling solvent

That was the warning I received when I walked in the front door today, weary from a day of translating html pages from old skool table based layouts to semantic markup. The old skool table layouts are NASTY and I am well familiar with semantic markup and CSS but I have been working with the nasty old table layouts at Cubelandia for 10 YEARS so I am having an interesting (but fun) time translating code. I do very little coding outside of work these days, just the simple markup that writing my blahg requires.

Don’t even try to understand that last paragraph, even if you are an html/css/javascript geek. Move on. Move on. Move on.

So what is the stinky smelling solvent and what is he doing with it? It is WD40 and I can guess by some of the noises I am hearing from the Bureau of ATF, I can guess what was going on today. That is okay. I am not against our right to bear implements of too much fun (and noise)* but I would LOVE it if WD40 were also used on some of the creaky DOORS around here. Not to mention the front door of the moomincabin but we’ll have to wait a couple months (maybe less) for that because I’m guessing there is still a 10-foot snowdrift between the Old Cabin and the moomincabin. We usually have one there at this time of year. Lake Superior does not mess around.

And then…

So the doorbell rang and we gave a woman with some kids a wee bit of money to help one of her five kids get an inhaler. Or whatever. She told us that she lives across N. Maple from us in the New Projects (she actually called them “the projects” I think and there was a divorce, blah-de blah-de). The GG quickly cut the social history short and asked what she needed and why. Inhaler for one of her five kids. And then he shut the door for a moment and asked me if I had a ten dollar bill. I certainly did and we gave it to that woman. Being me, I kind of wished I had given her more… But…

I dunno what’s going on with that family. They may have scammed us or maybe not. If they did, $10 is NOT gonna break our budget. But I think not. I think she was desperate. But I worry that since we have already given this person a bit of cash, she *may* come back.

It is not my responsibility to personally fund individual people who come to my door or LUNGE at me in the Plum Market parking lot. But I do think that we as a society need to help folks who are struggling, like the woman at our door tonight. We do pay plenty in taxes to help those who are not as fortunate as we somehow are. I don’t see the Trump administration working for people like the woman begging at our door tonight, despite his rhetoric if you can even call it that.

* I am really cranky now but I am NOT against the 2nd amendment. But we are not living in the 1700s when our beautiful country was created and people needed weapons to fight the Revolutionary War not to mention traversing the trails from their back country homes to various cities. I think we need to revisit and tweak our gun laws.

One Response to “A stinky smelling solvent”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m with you on the gun laws, and also giving money or help to people in need. I’m a little conflicted about the money though because I’m never quite sure whether I’m getting scammed.