Catsa in the dark

Yeah, okay, I went outside to take the recycle cart down to the curb at 0-skunk-30 this morning and as I was about to grab it I caught sight of a BEAST at my feet. A huge and very furry orange striped cat! Jeebus! I was definitely glad it was a cat and not a skunk!

The orange catsa scurried off in the dark and I hauled the recycle cart down to the curb and then it reappeared. I did a photo burst and this was about the best photo I got out of that. This cat had tags on and did not seem to be lost. I tried to keep walking but the next thing that happened was that the catsa somehow got underneath my feet and I accidentally stepped on it. Lots of yowling ensued. Yikes. Sorry, I did not mean to do that at all.

This character was not one of the feral cats that sometimes prowl the neighborhood. It was a big healthy looking cat with a collar and tags around its neck. It seemed well socialized (for a cat) and I do not think it was lost.

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