Eerily sunny and still cold

Cold as in there are still piles of snow here and there, mostly on the north side of various microclimates. Our backyard glacier finally succumbed to whatever sunlight made it in to our yard but there is still fugly snow hanging about here and there.

I can’t believe I am even complaining about the sunny days we have had recently. I know sun is a good thing but the temperatures are STILL going down into the 20s every night (and teens this morning) and I am just kinda sick of it all. And as much as I love hot sunny days, I remember back in 2006 when my dad died and there were so many sunny days and I was somehow wishing for rain. I am not normally a pluviophile but somehow I needed cloudy skies.

Today? We hung about being lazy here at the Landfill throughout the morning. After noon the GG decided we needed to engage in decadence. That turned out to be lunch at Conor O’Neills’s Irish pub. We love Conor O’Neill’s but we don’t go there frequently because it’s often very busy and it is downtown and we didn’t feel like walking down there today.

Downtown was extremely busy today mostly because sun. That meant that it was difficult to find a place to park. Conor O’Neill’s was not busy when we got there but I suspect it got a lot busier later because basketball stuff is going on. We had leek potato soup which was served with wonderful bread and hit the spot.

After that, we did a wee River Ride and gassed up the Ninja and then the GG took a long winter’s nap. I could tell he was taaaaarred. He is recovering from a Man Cold. He eventually dragged himself up and over to the Plum Market for stuff that I needed for dinner. Orange heart 🧡

One Response to “Eerily sunny and still cold”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate trying to find a parking spot. Did you know I was phobic about that? I don’t even mind some crowds in restaurants, as long as I have no parking issues. It’s sunny today, but a bit chilly (for us 40s) I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, which means warmer at least.