No [insert-name-here] zone

My Mouse is over here for dinner and various chores that are arguably easier for her to do at The Landfill than at her house. As always, I have National Petroleum Radio on and I was caught talking to the radio. Fortunately I had not gone so far as to utter any names, at least not out loud. But my bad. I will refrain from talking about toxic people tonight, polly-tishuns or, er, Problem Relatives [winkity-wink] or whatever.

I don’t want to get to be one of those old cranks that is constantly complaining. Although I do remember one afternoon when The Commander was in Fine Form cantankerously expressing her own polly-tickle opinions, putting me into hysterics and prompting a blahg entry. I’ll have to find it one of these days. One of the funniest was “*Why* under the *sun* do we have somebody like *that* in the *government*?” This in reference to an elected official who had CRUSADED against sexual harassment of minors only to be caught out sending suggestive texts to his own young male pages. I am a skeptic about people in general, that is I am reticent to trust someone I don’t know well. I am more skeptical when it comes to polly-tishuns. It takes a big ego to run for office and sometimes some sketchy transactions behind the scenes. Voter beware.

Where was I? You do NOT want to hear about my work today. It would only be interesting to anyone who has ever had to edit “generated” html – empty div tags everywhere (“<div></div>”) and “<p>” tags all alone in the middle of nowhere with no closure? And lots of garbage code *everywhere*. Yuck.

The crocus in the pic is the first sign of new spring growth in the Landfill Backyard. No flowers yet. A few days of above 30 degrees and some rain might help? There are snowdrops around and Mouse posted some skunk cabbage pics over the weekend. Warmer FINALLY today (but didn’t feel verra [wink] warm) and rain in the forecast for tonight and the next couple days. I’m ready for it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Hard for me to discuss politics without getting angry and disappointed in people, so I avoid it. SO much hypocrisy!! We’re getting rain too, and it’s chilly. Hoping that spring comes back soon.