Archaeological digging (and navel gazing 🐽)

I had the most loverly bedroom on earth when I was a little kid. We lived in a shabby little bungalow throughout my childhood years and when I was about six The Commander changed up a small room on the first floor into my small but beauteous bedroom. I had been sleeping upstairs until then (in the same room as my brother) but they decided that I needed my own space and some privacy.

The Comm removed some beauteous garish floral wallpaper and painted the walls some kind of neutral color. I kind of liked that wallpaper but I think The Comm did NOT. Nowadays, from my vague memories of it, I think she was right to get rid of it.

She bought me a beauteous silver headboard for my bed. I’m looking for that pic but can’t find it at the moment. This pic shows me at My Yellow Table doing some sort of art work. I cannot figger what. It isn’t beadwork but it isn’t necessarily drawing either. There’s a jar of water on the table… I did do a LOT of drawing as a child and maybe I will pursue that avocation again one of these days. Maybe I’ll even take a little class…

Behind me is my clothes rack. I did not have a closet. I can’t really remember the clothing on that rack. Looks like I wore a lot of skirts and dresses though. Still do. This pic must have happened after I got my tonsils out (via my own uncle, or at least he was involved, not really sure he wielded the knife) because I think I see Medicine Duck over there on the bed. A bunch of shelves above the clothes rack stored many other of my belongings. My room was often a mess but I occasionally took some time to do a deep clean.

The last time I remember doing a deep clean in that room was a while after Bad Boyfriend broke up with me. I was up early to go skiing that day but it was raining so I cleaned my room instead. I ran into BB downtown later that morning and I was driving one o’ my dad’s cars, probably the old Pontiac Tempest – no power steering or brakes on that beast! I was a newly licensed driver and Bad Boyfriend called me the Mad Highway Driver. I still wanted him to be my boyfriend then but it was not to be.

I’m not sure Bad Boyfriend (who is a decent person in life by what little I have heard of him since then) had a clue who I was then and I am pretty sure he doesn’t have a clue who I have come to be, not that I have come to be anything much. Just a hard-working person who does her best to take care of her family and any others she can help. Or maybe he did have a clue because it was him who broke up with me. We were children then and I think he knew better than I that we wouldn’t last as a couple. I have lasted with the Goddamn Pensioner, as nuts as he sometimes drives me. 🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The GD Pensioner-LOL! I was the only girl with three brothers, so I always had my own room. Made me a bit of a spoiled princess. Sometimes what we think we want is not what we need or should have. Profound, eh?