The title is all in caps because I copied it out of the book I am currently reading on my iPhone but also because I strongly believe that people SHOULD think about the consequences of their actions. I’m reading book 8 (last book? right?) of the Outlander series and when I reached this chapter, I’d’ve done a spit-take if I’d had anything in my mouth to spit. Yes it was every woman’s hero Mr. Jamie Fraser who did something stupid and kinda went “oops”. I won’t say what he did. I will say that none of it has been resolved yet and multiple people are awaiting rescue via every woman’s hero Mr. Jamie Fraser, Scottish highlander. That is not a spoiler. I actually don’t know what will happen next.

It is also not a spoiler because that’s pretty much how the whole series goes. People get into sticky wickets and other people (often Jamie but not always) save them. That might make it sound like I don’t like this book (series) but I do, which is why I’m still reading it. The protagonists are like-able and the main character is a woman. I can’t stand novels that don’t have a character I can like or at least identify with. These books have those in spades although they also have some Bad Actors.

In my 21st century life, the title of today’s blahg entry is one of my mantras. I have experienced the butt end of someone else’s ill-considered actions and the person at the other end of that has maybe experienced some of the unintended consequences of their ill-considered actions.

Sigh and Warm regards.


  1. Margaret Says:

    I may have to read this series some day, although 8 books sounds daunting to me. And if I like something, I get very obsessive.