Nope, not in the cards, at least for the near future. AW is out in LA and a BU is on a Rocket Trip to KW. I am here in the rain and probably snow. It’s okay. It’s spring and this is the god-forsaken GLS and we’re used to this kind of crapola and the birds are singing and the EB is hippity-hopping on his way.

I observe Easter as a purely secular holiday and a minor one at that but I do like to cook a somewhat traditional meal including ham, which we eat VERRA little of, except for Canadian bacon when we have Eggs Benedict, which we only eat for breakfast on Turkey Day and xmas.

I was kvetching about the difficulty of obtaining a SMALL ham, one that is enough for our little fam with a weeeeeee bit of leftover. So I was ECSTATIC when TP made the suggestion that he could schlep over to Honey-Baked Ham and get some spiral cut, which you can buy in smaller quantities. Thank You!

I was thinking about the EB today anyway after I received an email from the always cheerful People Office inviting folks to take selfies in their work environment and post them on our loverly corporate social media platform. Well, not. I’m sure no one wants to look at my fugly mug as I do battle with a CRAPPY Old Skool corporate “tool”, trying to upload documents. Or screaming as the LSCHP suggests we get rid of Sharepoint, which is mostly useless to me, EXCEPT for the page that keeps all of our old fx specs in ONE PLACE! And then there is My Cube. It is largely empty but today it contained a dusty old microfiber rag and some raggedy old bubblewrap sheets and other assorted crapola that have been haaaannnnggging around since I moved into that particular cube a couple years ago. At least it contained that stuff until I went out to the Ninja and snagged a grokkery bag to pack and transport some of the crapola home.

My Cube also has various Crystal Artifacts and a couple of Stuffties. These are artifacts that Brooooosie “lent” to me (and others) back when we had to move out of Cubelandia for a while and Broooosie had tooooooo many artifacts so he parceled some of them out.

Broooooosie is no longer with us (I mean he doesn’t work at Cubelandia, as far as I know he still takes up space on The Planet Earth). I’m remembering Mr. Bunny. Mr. Bunny was a six foot tall pink bunny who came to work sometime around the beginning of March every year and sat on a chair outside Brooooosie’s cube until, well, the uber boss kicked him out. “Easter is over.”

Broooooosie’s Crystal Artifacts and a couple of Stuffties he left in my care are still in My Cube. I won’t keep them forever but they will stay in my cube until I decide to close up shop. Then I will take them home and donate them and with any luck (and if Broooooosie is still alive), he may re-discover them in a thrift shop or eBay or wherever he gets his treasures. He does not have any children and I have to wonder who will clean up after him.

2 Responses to “Vacay?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like people make their cubes into mini-homes. My desk at school was like that too. (but what a mess when I had to clean it out!) Did you say SNOW??

  2. isa Says:

    Who is AW? Am I BU?