I had a half-formed idea of what to write about on this fugly rainy windy day and then somehow Woofie came into my head. I don’t have a photoooo of Woofie, alas. He was my brother’s stuffed doggy waaaaay back in the day when he was a wee walker and we called him Jimbo. I hope that Pengo Janetto has Woofie but it’s entirely possible that he is living in a Cat House. Alas. Well, not that I have anything against cats because I love cats, with a special love for those who have polydactyly.

Anyway, back when my brother was a wee walker, our family went to the annual Spring Home & Garden Show. You know the kind. In Sault Ste. Siberia in those days, it was held in the National Guard Armory. Much later, I went to the Military Ball there (with Bad Boyfriend) but that would be a story for another day. At the Home & Garden show, my little brother managed to drop Woofie into a manure spreader at Ozzie McInnis’s display. Ozzie was our next door neighbor BTW and I feel like I’m not spelling his last name correctly.

It wasn’t Ozzie who found the carelessly abandoned Woofie in his manure spreader. It was none other than Ginny Boult, one of The Commander’s best friends during her life in Sault Ste. Siberia, and Helen’s moom (Helen was one of *my* best friends in Sault Ste. Siberia). Mrs. Boult saw Woofie in Ozzie’s manure spreader and she thought, “I know who that little dog belongs to.” She snagged Woofie out of Ozzie’s manure spreader and the Boult family drove him to our house that night. I spent a lot of time at the Boult house as a child. It was a block or so from my grandparents’ house and an easy walk to the A & P and downtown. I loved Ginny. She lived to the age of 93 and for a while The Comm lived in assisted living near her.

As for us today, we did a version of our usual Saturday stuff. Farmers market in the morning, Griz for lunch, Bus 31 up Dexter, Plum Market and home to hunker down a bit on this LOVERLY but fugly rainy windy day.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Those stuffed animals are precious. Alison had Birdie when she was very little, then lost him which was a catastrophe. Then she got Fat Duck, who was bigger and harder to lose. She always loved birds as a child. (by the way, Birdie was also a little duck, but that was her name for him)