The Redcoats are not coming

They are not coming here, at least not on a beautiful Easter / April Fools Sunday and we didn’t have to ride horses to take a Sunday ride in the country today. We had the Ninja, which has a lot more horsepower than Donas or Gideon but we were taking it sloooowww today, hanging out purring along on the little roads mostly north of The Planet Ann Arbor in and out of glacial moraine territory. Dodging potholes? Oh, yes. There aren’t a whole lot of direct north/south roads where we ended up today so we finally hit the freeway and it was a bit unsettling to me when the GG revved the Ninja up to 70 mph but that’s what it’s designed to do and I certainly drive it at that speed (or more) on the freeway when I am traveling to the Yooperland and back.

After a safe landing on The Planet Ann Arbor, we headed over to HOMES brewery for a lunch of bap and beer/whine.

It is not all that warm here today but it was a beautiful sunny morning and it will probably be the last Sunday drive we take when we can see the bones of the trees in the sunlight. By the next time we have the time and inclination to do a drive like today’s, all of those bare trees will be starting to sprout leaves.

We are not religious around here, at least I am not, I’m not sure I can speak for others. But we do observe Easter in a secular way, like let’s get anyone in the fam who can actually get here for dinner and have a good time. So tonight we are having a token Easter dinner with ham and mashed potatoes and asparagus and sauteed red cabbage and salad and a faar in the Back Room and our Mouse is here with us. Orange heart. 🧡

One Response to “The Redcoats are not coming”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I celebrate it in a secular way too. Any excuse to eat candy and make spring/Easter shaped sugar cookies! I also love getting together with my family, as long as we stay off the topic of politics. (which we did)