I have so little to say tonight. I have finally figgered out after MANY MANY MANY years that I am a systems analyst. I’ve been calling myself that for a long time but have only in the last few years figgered out what I actually doooo for a living.

Today (or recently) I was thinking about my college years. I was a music major. I was very good at my instrument (the flute) and not all that bad at the piano but I always considered that my second instrument. I was better at the dern flute. My parents didn’t give me any crap for being a music major. I am gonna guess that they knew that I would either find my way into a career via music or find something else to do.

OF COURSE I found something else to do. Music? I do not have the right personality to be a teacher or a performer. I can do performance but jeebus it is so hard to find a good performance job. Teaching? I can coach people who are already apt students. I do it in my current job sometimes. You do not want me around your sweet little beginners.

I am an analyst. I could have been a musicologist or a theorist. Those would have required an advanced degree and whatever baggage that might entail and it would *still* be hard to find a decent job. Instead I fell backwards into an entry-level IT job and eventually worked my way into a position with “analyst” in the title. Nowadays I am a business systems analyst, which probably didn’t exist when I started college. What do I do? I’m not sure I could describe it if I tried but somehow it fits and my early experiences with music absolutely prepared me for it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I think music prepares us for many careers. It’s very mathematical, yet creative. One has to be dogged and practice. There are always new pieces to be learned, and challenges to be overcome.