Boggling cretin

Are you getting sick of me posting photos of April snowstorms? I’m not sure I am although I yearn to sit in the back yard in the afternoon without a few layers and a blanket or two. Yes it snowed again overnight but stopped by the time I walked this AM and I think it’s about maybe 42 degrees right now. I kind of didn’t care. Somehow I was transported back to the gentle spring snows of my childhood and this was a gentle snow. My sense of smell was involved in this memory but there was more to it than that and I’m not sure I have words for the rest of it. It had nothing to do with umami.

A lookback to the petty crime and scams happening in our neighborhood. Many people on our next door neighbor app are reporting a woman with or without children knocking on doors at all hours of the night asking for money for “milk for the children” (ours was in daylight and asking for asthma medicine, not milk). Reading these stories, I will not ever give money to anyone who comes to the door ever again, whatever their reason. Some folks may think I am not very “generous”. I would suggest to those folks that they ask restaurant workers who have served me how “generous” I am.

But. We *cannot* have panhandlers lunging at people in grocery store parking lots and we *cannot* have people knocking on doors in the neighborhood asking for money. My mother has been dead for a good while but I know she was nervous about living alone (although *she* never told me that, it was Barb who did). (There was a lot that The Commander didn’t tell me about.) It rattles me when someone rings my doorbell. I know that this isn’t very “neighborly” but 90% of the time it isn’t a *neighbor* at the door. It is someone looking for money in some way or another and I am not gonna give it.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree completely about not giving money to people who come to your door. It will encourage them to come back. I live alone, so I definitely don’t open my door to anyone I don’t know. I have a locking screen door, so I can open the door to see first. My doorbell ringing is usually the neighbor kids who have lost a ball over my fence or Henry coming to pick me up. 🙂 I’m thankful for that.