I am not using this entrance for the duration

It isn’t my usual entrance anyway. I usually enter from the Lunch Room because it’s closest to My Cube.

With all of the wildlife habitat available around Cubelandia, a goose couple has laid an egg directly outside one of the windows at Cubelandia. That is, Mr. Luv says there is an egg. I’m not sure if he has actually seen an egg (or eggs) or is just being dramatic. I cannot find any eggs, at least not from inside the window. With Daddy Goose goose-stepping around out there, I am not gonna go poking around in the vegetation looking for eggs.

It’s that time of year again. The geese are back (those that don’t leave for the winter, that is) and they are hanging out with their lifelong partners, laying eggs and protecting them. And so our annual cycle begins, except that no red wing blackbirds have pooped on the Ninja’s mirrors. That’s probably a good thing, as funny as it is to watch birds hanging out on your vee-hickle’s mirrors.

Throughout most of a meeting in a nearby conference room, this goose was fighting with his reflection in the window. I couldn’t easily get a pic from the meeting without messing with the blinds, which I thought might spook the goose. Guess what? The meeting ended and when I went out the inner door into the “airlock”, there was enough noise to spook the goose and it moved away from its reflection so still not a good pic.

Books? I finished “The Great Alone” (remote Alaska) in something like 24 hours. I loved it. And then… With some trepidation, I dived in to “The Shape of Water”. I knooooow. It is a movie. (Did it win an Oscar? I don’t know. Tell me if you know.) I don’t really dooooo movies all that much and I never pay much attention to the Oscars. But. Somewhere or other I read that the book came before the movie? Is that true? Not sure and don’t want to google. But I also read somewhere that it wasn’t the typical monster story and might be something I would like. So I downloaded it onto my phone and yes, yes, yes, I love it. I’m having trouble putting this book down.

One Response to “I am not using this entrance for the duration”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, the book came out before the film. The movie won Best Picture. I’ve seen it twice, and it was definitely thought provoking.