So he is always doing something. So I am not sure what he is doing now. Say it in an Indian-type accent. “East Indian”, not “Wild Indian”. I know that’s not PC but you do not know the context, so BITE ME!

I stopped short when I passed MrDeeds’s cube today. There was a birthday balloon attached to his chair. Um, how can it be YOUR birthday when it is the Twinz of Terror’s birthday. As it turns out, today was NOT MrDeeds’s bday. His is Monday. That confused me more because Monday (if I am counting on my fingers correctly) is The Lady of Linden’s bday so how could it be MrDeeds’s bday. At any rate, he is going to be off traveling on his bday. He is not traveling to Washington.

Back to Altoid Astronauts on The Planet Ann Arbor. Quite a while back, Lizard Breath was home from college for the summer and we encountered a UNFO in the Landfill Dungeon. It was a little box that looked like it had lucky-shuckial connections and things. What is that! LB said something like, “It looks like it might blow something up.” And then, after thinking it over for a second or two, “Actually, it looks like it might LIGHT something up.” Yes probably.

I’m not really sure what the Altoid Astronaut is all about. The Twinz are celebrating their bdays in various places. The UU gets pineapple upside down cake at home with The Beautiful Gay. The GG is off gallivanting with our North Country Trail buddies down in Ohio. I went to Cubelandia and… What did I do? I dreaded skype-ing with our Israeli folks without the LSCHP but it turned out okay. And then I untangled some ugly CSS stuff. That kept my brain busy and I needed that.

P.S. It is also Melania’s bday and, if I have it right, it might be The Botanist’s bday? Or am I crazy?

2 Responses to “Astrodeeds”

  1. Sam Says:

    Sí on Botanist’s b-day. In absentia.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lots of birthdays and other activities going on! 🙂